About I/O: This is about us and about you. Are we right for you?

What we are good at

We are good at dealing with classical music, chamber music, orchestra and choir, as well as contemporary music and EA music.


We are good at working with world music and jazz.


We are good at working with pop, rock and electronic music.


To sum things up, we are good at working with acoustic and electric/electronic sound.


Sometimes we do things we don’t know if we are good at;-), so don’t hesitate about asking us if your project seems slightly unusual.

How we do it

We have good knowledge of music in general, experience in recording and the right equipment.


We can work in our own facilities, which are suitable for a lot of things, and with a relaxed atmosphere. We also record on location, if required, with our mobile equipment.


We provide production and arrangements, we can arrange great musicians for you. We deliver a master recording for you, but we can help you with duplication and internet distribution.

I/O studios Malmö.


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Den här sidan är på engelska för att slippa dubbelarbete med översättningar och så... ;-)

All background photos on this website were taken by anders@byrografo.com from the recording sessions of Roman Andrén Juanita & Beyond: Live Studio Sessionswww.romanandren.com